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Product Sourcing
Today, international businesses access goods and services across the world but how can you find the best manufacturers overseas?You need a trusted Sourcing Service Provider on the ground to get in on quality-manufactured goods from Turkey.​

We work as an outsourced purchasing department, helping customers to buy products. We search, identify and source suppliers of products according to our customers’ requirements. We take an active role during the whole purchasing process which means; business negotiations, technical discussions, order handling, quality control, logistics. We monitor the entire flow of information and products from supplier sourcing to final delivery.​

We start with a one-on-one consultation with you to understand your business requirements and current challenges. Factors we take into consideration other than costs include customer specifications, order frequency, lead time, supplier capabilities, quality control and testing, and packaging. Our analytical approach helps us identify sourcing and optimization opportunities within your supply chain and propose a comprehensive sourcing strategy for you.

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